Photo taken by Mohamed Malik

As a society, we often take life for granted. We are sometimes painfully reminded how precious life is and how it can end within a matter of seconds. It doesn't take much to ignite thoughts of suicide in a person and the likelihood of it happening for someone who has a mental illness is even more prevalent. Understanding that suicide is a sensitive subject can be critical in saving someone’s life. Help Circle of Friends for Mental Health to promote the awareness of suicide as we remember Lorraine Selin Morris, Martin Yoshioka, and Christopher Hill. Suicide rates can be minimized, perhaps one day be eradicated if enough people do their part. Be a leader as you Stampede over the Stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide!

If you have a loved one or friend who has been affected by mental health and would like them to be added onto this page please email: with their name. If you would like please include dates, a message, and a picture.

Lorraine Selin Morris 5.29.59 - 1.10.12

Martin Yoshioka 2.24.51 - 5.10.12

Christopher Hill

Stampede Over Stigma