Fundraising Information!

Congratulations on joining this important and vital cause! Now as a leader, member of a team, or individual, you can combine your efforts to raise money and awareness for the growing need for mental health care in Washington State.

Team Captains or individual event participants are required to set up their Crowdrise team fundraising page. This will also function as your general team page. To create this page:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Create Your Fundraiser" on the right. If you are joining an existing team, skip to step 4
  3. If you will be a Team Captain or individual participant creating a new team/fundraiser, click "Start Your Own Fundraiser".
  4. If you are joining an existing team/fundraiser, click "Join a Team".
  5. Follow the instructions as given on the Crowdrise website to set up and/or join your team page.
  6. Set your fundraising amount ($500 is the minimum pledge for 5K teams, and a $1200 pledge for STS bicyclists).
  7. Check out the ideas to the right to get started!

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Assign a team captain. This person will oversee team building, goal setting, communication and day of logistics. They will also ensure that all money raised is sent to the Stampede Over Stigma accountant.
  • Host regular meetings with your team, to keep them updated and motivated to continue raising money.
  • Recruit runners, bicyclists or walkers by setting up a Stampede Over Stigma registration location at your job, church, school, neighborhood association or any other place where you regularly meet with friends,family or colleagues.
  • If you are joining an existing team/fundraiser, click "Join a Team".
  • Develop a fundraising letter to send to potential donors via email, snail mail or some other means for outreach.
  • Make a quick list of all family members, co-workers, friends, team mates, local area businesses you frequent and ask them to make a minimum donation to you and the cause.
  • Consider creating a message on your voicemail box, asking for support. You can also do the same in your email “signature” (If this is a work email, you may need to request clearance from your employer.
  • Ask your employer to consider sponsoring you during the Stampede.
  • Work with the Stampede Over Stigma committee if you have promotional ideas you may have. We are interested in promoting your efforts and it helps to raise awareness for the advocacy work we’re doing.
  • Design and place a colorful, attention-grabbing contribution can on your desk at work. This might give you the opportunity to discuss the Stampede with co-workers and may even generate donations.
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